Who are we

The three people that make these cultural journeys possible are Adam, Peter and Nell. We are familiar with African culture and experienced in the field of organizing and guiding trips. We each work from a different interest and experience but we share the same philosophy. We will describe our philosophy first and then we will introduce ourselves.
Our philosophy
Large parts of the world are considered poor by the Western people. And when it comes to material poverty, that image is also correct. But we must learn to look with different eyes, not from the materialism that we know here, but with an open mind with respect and appreciation for the other values that are applicable here. In Africa the following applies: I am because we are. The community and hospitality are very important.
If you look at these other values such as social interaction, respectfulness, hospitality and caring, we can learn much from these countries, often referred to by us as being "poor".
We would like to show you this other side of Kenya and let you experience it

The values and standards of the locals are the main starting point of our travel agency. The locals decide what is important.
The principles of "At home in Kenya" are;

* The maintenance of the social environment. This means that a maximum of 8 participants can join a group-tour. Small groups have less impact on culture and nature.

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