The Kongasis project

The Kongasis Christian Education Centre (KACECE) lies in the Rift Valley in Kenya, in Kericho District. The project has been started in order to improve the lives of local people by giving them quality education that is based on African traditions and Christian principles.

The Kongasis Christian Education Centre was founded in 2001 by prof. AdamChepkwony. He wanted to give the children who attended Sunday school a roof over their heads to protect them from the rain. This was the beginning of a major project that offers schooling to the children and supports the community.Upon invitation by Adam Chepkwony Nell has visited the project several times and has been a guest in their humble home in this area.

Adam has done much good work that everyone is very grateful for. It is a "community-based organization" and this organization is dedicated to the good of the whole surrounding community. Although substantial work has already been done, many improvements and extensions are necessary. He is supported by a number of partners from the U.S. and now by the Global Platform Venlo. (Mondiaal Platform Venlo. vert.)

You support this project by travelling with us. Five percent of the travel sum is given to this project. We will visit the project during our tour and we will work there for half a day to make the necessary improvements. By working together we can support the community and we can see where the money is spent on.

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